Formalising Set Theory Based on Partial Functions

Chair for Logic and Verification

Master’s thesis

John von Neumann first proposed in 1928/29 to use (partial) functions as a basis for axiomatizing set theory [1,2]. In 1936/37 Raphael M. Robinson published an improved version of this proposal [1]; see also the 1993 paper by Jan Kuper [2]. We will refer to Robinson’s proposal as vNR hereafter.

In this thesis/research project, we propose to further investigate the vNR proposal within the higher order theorem prover Isabelle/HOL [5]. Since partial functions play an important role for vNR, the idea is to take an embedding of free logic [6,7] in Isabelle/HOL as a starting point [8, 9]. Within this context of free logic, the idea is then to follow the vNR proposal and develop a version of Zermelo-Fraenkel (ZF) set theory (or alternatively Bernays-Gödel (BG) or Kelley-Morse (KM) set theory). There are already some first attempts in the direction of ZF, which can be taken as a starting point.

Tobias Nipkow
Christoph Benzmüler
Dana Scott


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