Academic Information


You can find my detailed CV here. Below, you can find a short summary:

I am PhD student at the Chair for Logic and Verification supervised by Prof. Nipkow. My interests are the semantics of programming languages, the foundations and interoperability of theorem provers, and the formalisation and automation of mathematics using interactive theorem provers like Isabelle.

Before starting my PhD, I was a research assistant at VU Amsterdam working on the Lean Forward project. I did my Masters in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and my Bachelors in Computer Science at the TU Munich. I also worked as a software development engineer at IMDb.

Here is my ORCID: 0000-0003-1421-6497.

For Students


Interested in doing a thesis at the chair of LoVe (Logic and Verification)? Check out our project proposals.

Student Groups

I am a co-organiser of Philosophia Munich and the Klima Cafe at TUM. The former is a reading and discussion group for philosophy, the latter a discussion and activism group for climate change at the local level. In general, both are also open to non-students. Be curious and join! :)


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