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Manuel Eberl

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Manuel Eberl
Name:Manuel Eberl [ˈmaːnu̯ɛl ˈʔeːbɐl]
(German, English, Esperanto)
PGP Key:0x9BE72A84.asc
Scholarly profiles:Google Scholar, DBLP
Office:MI 00.09.063 (by appointment)
Phone:+49 89 289-17328
Erdős number:≤ 4

About me

I did a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics at the TU Munich. Afterwards, I did a PhD at the Chair for Logic and Verification under Tobias Nipkow. Since 2021, I now work there as a postdoc.

Since 2018, I am also an editor of the Archive of Formal Proofs.

I mainly work on the formalisation of pure mathematics and analysis of algorithms in Isabelle/HOL. I believe that the formalisation of a significant portion of known mathematics is a feasible and worthwhile endeavour.

My current work is the formalisation of the (semi-)automatic solving and verification of certain classes of mathematical problems, particularly those of the asymptotics of real-valued functions.

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