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A Ver­i­fied Com­piler for Prob­a­bil­ity Den­sity Func­tions

by Manuel Eberl, Johannes Hölzl, and Tobias Nipkow

In: Proceedings of ESOP 2015




Bhat et al. developed an inductive compiler that computes density functions for probability spaces described by programs in a simple probabilistic functional language. In this work, we implement such a compiler for a modified version of this language within the theorem prover Isabelle and give a formal proof of its soundness w.r.t. the semantics of the source and target language. Together with Isabelle's code generation for inductive predicates, this yields a fully verified, executable density compiler. The proof is done in two steps, using a standard refinement approach: first, an abstract compiler working with abstract functions modelled directly in the theorem prover's logic is defined and proven sound. Then, this compiler is refined to a concrete version that returns a target-language expression.

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