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Manuel Eberl

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A De­ci­sion Pro­ce­dure for Uni­vari­ate Real Poly­no­mi­als in Isa­belle/​HOL

by Manuel Eberl

In: Pro­ceed­ings of the 2015 Con­fer­ence on Cer­ti­fied Pro­grams and Proofs




Sturm sequences are a method for computing the number of real roots of a univariate real polynomial inside a given interval efficiently. In this paper, this fact and a number of methods to construct Sturm sequences efficiently have been formalised with the interactive theorem prover Isabelle/HOL. Building upon this, an Isabelle/HOL proof method was then implemented to prove interesting statements about the number of real roots of a univariate real polynomial and related properties such as non-negativity and monotonicity.

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